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Post Secondary Transition and Education Program

The emphasis of the study for the P-STEP program is to provide students with the skills needed to obtain and maintain community employment and increase independent living skills through community-based experiences. This program will also include activities that will promote leisure and social skills. Emphasis on specific skills is individualized to meet the students’ Individual Education Program.

P-STEP Program Purpose:
P-STEP stands for Post Secondary Transition and Educational Program. Students attending P-STEP range in age from 18-22 years old. P-STEP students instructional program consist of vocational/work training, employment, and daily living skills. The students are involved in a number of community activities such as going to the Public Library, grocery shopping at Jewel, trips to Target, and field trips to restaurants and volunteer work.

Students receive vocational support from a vocational transition coordinator, who works with the students on workplace skills, employer expectations, socializing at work, attitudes and behaviors on the job, and how to keep a job.  Students are placed on job sites, with a job coach, who works alongside the students to help with training and problem solving as the student learns to become independent. P-STEP provides more preparation for students who have completed all the requirements for high school graduation, but are limited in functional community-based skills, like driving. The goal of the program is to provide students with more post-secondary preparation in all areas so they can be productive adult members in the community. P-STEP provides District 202 students with necessary supports until the age of 22.

Program Placement:
Students are placed at P-STEP after their 4th year in high school by an IEP team meeting. The P-STEP program serves the four high schools of Plainfield Community Consolidated District 202:
Plainfield High School – Central Campus
Plainfield South High School
Plainfield North High School
Plainfield East High School

Program Times:
P-STEP runs Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. P-STEP program follows the District 202 school calendar







Rickerson, 13

Employment Skills

Voc Work


Independent Living


Olsen, 15

Employment Skills

Voc Work

Independent Living


Beiler, 11

Employment Skills Voc Work Lunch Independent Living  

Community Trips for P-STEP at PA, 9:30








Transition Class

Transition Class


Work Training


Transition Class

Transition Class


Work Training


Transition Class Transition Class Lunch/Activity Work Training

Project Search




P-STEP Vocational Program:
This program includes work training at Joliet Junior College and work experience in the community. The JJC work training program provides part of the school day for the student to experience various jobs at the college on a rotating basis to identify the student’s interest and capabilities. The work experience in the community will provide the student a work environment in which he or she will train and complete the tasks that are to be achieved. All phases of the program include job coaches until the student is capable of independent community employment. These goals are identified in each student’s IEP and Transition Plan.  

P-STEP Independent Living Program:
This program includes the mastery of skills such as planning, shopping for, and cooking of meals, home management and maintenance, budgeting time and money, dressing appropriately for the weather and occasion, basic health and first aide, and who to seek help from when needed. The program will also focus on basic math, reading, and writing related to independent living.

P-STEP Leisure/Social Program:
This program will allow practical application of the skills taught in the class through community-based experiences.  These trips will include activities and the development of skills needed to participate in organized group activities along with social awareness of what kind of talk or action is appropriate in different situations. The focus of trips and activities include community safety, restaurants, volunteer work, and social games. At JJC, student go on trips to master travel training skills.

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