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ICAN Facility Dog

ICAN Facility Dog

Indiana Canine Assistance Network

Over the next few years at the Plainfield Academy Programs, staff and students will have the privilege of working with Leroy, our facility dog.  Leroy graduated from Indiana Canine Assistance Network (ICAN) with a degree in facility placement.  Leroy is a great listener and uses patience and understanding when interacting with others. These are all desired qualities for a school setting and Leroy can help our students grow and learn. 

Leroy will primarily be working with Plainfield Academy's TAP Programs.  Select Academy staff has completed an extensive 5-day training program with ICAN and Leroy in order to work with facility dogs.  Staff are required to attend annual follow-up trainings as well.  Academy Programs trained ICAN personnel also gives a brief training to a team of staff members so that Leroy may be utilized in other areas/programs in the building. 

Federal law IC 16-32-3-2 grants the ICAN dogs and all service/facility dogs "public accommodation."

These dogs "ARE NOT PETS," but instead "WORKING DOGS." They are current on all vet issues and are groomed on a regular schedule. 

Leroy’s job description is as follows:

- Promote school-wide positive incentives
- Work closely with the school social workers and various designated staff
- Work closely with our special education students and staff
- Reinforce and establish positive learning growth and behaviors

Leroy is here to help each student make positive growth and we hope that your son or daughter enjoys the beautiful and rewarding benefits Leroy will bring to his/her school experience. 

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