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Dress Code

Goal Statement: 

The students will wear appropriate attire that will not distract from the learning environment. 

Student dress code Expectations:

Students’ attire is expected to cover them from shoulder to mid-thigh. Arms may be exposed. Students' attire and their grooming should not be offensive; obscene; represent tobacco; alcohol, or drugs; disrupt the school; represent a gang; or endanger other students' health or safety. Clothing is to be worn as it was intended to be worn. Examples include, but are not limited to, shirts rolled up above the waist or pants rolled down below the waist to expose the midriff.  No spaghetti strap tops, or tank tops that expose bra straps are to be worn. 

Pants/shorts are to cover undergarments and stay above the hip at all times.   Footwear must be worn at all times. Shoes with rollers are not allowed. Students must remove their head coverings, unless required for religious or medical reasons, upon entering the building during school hours and/or while attending school activities. All hats, caps, bandanas, and other headwear are to be removed immediately upon entering the building and must remain off until the student is out of the building unless approved for medical or religious reasons. The hat or cap will be placed in the student’s homeroom locker and will remain there until the student leaves the building. Outerwear is not to be worn in school (e.g., coats and jackets).

Even if attire seems appropriate while standing, it also needs to be appropriate while student is seated. 

Teaching Responsibilities:

Staff needs to monitor student dress code in the following locations: class (especially during 1st and 2nd hour), the hallways, gym, and bus areas.

Pre-teach the dress code expectations to our students with checks for clear understanding.  Please utilize the dress code diagram located in the classrooms to re-enforce the expectations.  

After pre-teaching has been completed, any incident of dress code violations should be addressed with corrective teaching and a delta. Following the corrective teaching interaction, the student may need to be sent to the social worker, dean, and principal if a change in attire is needed.  If a student accepts the correction by adjusting their attire to meet dress code expectations, then they should receive positive praise.  If a student follows directions by adjusting their clothing, yet, later in the period continues to display inappropriate attire after the correction; they need to be sent down to a social worker or dean to sign a dress code contract and the student will earn another delta after the dress code is re-explained to them.  The student will then be expected to comply with the expectations.   A third offense that day will result in a referral.  Also, if a student has already signed a dress code contract, they will earn a referral for any further dress code infractions after the initial delta.

Encouragement Procedures:

Staff will praise students if they correct inappropriate attire quickly and without arguing or negative comments.  The students will earn positives for accepting correction.  Staff will also give rationales for why dressing appropriately is important (i.e. “it shows respect for oneself, some clothing can be distracting which takes away from the learning environment, etc.”)

Supervisor Responsibilities:

Administration will supply extra sweat pants, t-shirts, and yarn belts to loan to students when a dress code violation requires it.  Students will be asked to return the loaned clothing right before they leave, which Mrs. Ursem will be supervising.

Interventions for Infractions:

First offense –The staff member who observes the violation addresses it right away through corrective teaching and a delta.  Also, make sure that the student changes their attire.

Second offense- If a staff member observes an infraction and notices the student already has a delta on their card, the student will be sent to the social worker or dean.  The dress code will be re-explained and the student will sign a dress code contract stating they understand, and what will happen if this problem persists.  The student will earn a second delta. 

**If the student already has signed a dress code contract when sent to the social worker or dean, the student will then go straight to the third offense consequence.

Third and further offenses- For any further instances, the student will earn a referral and make sure to bring this up in a team meeting so we can discuss further consequences or interventions for that particular student

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