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Staff Directory

Last Name First Name  Position Room Extenstion
Aburadi Sana Paraprofessional Room 5  
Elia Angelica Instructor Room 22 5022
Baker Lisa Social Worker Room 1 8361
Beneventi Tracy P.E. Instructor / CAAEL Coordinator PE Office 5113
    Social Worker Room B6 5106
Buccini Chad P.E. Instructor PE Office 5113
    Custodial Staff    
    School Counselor Room 1B 6622
Cassidy Matthew Instructor Room 12 5012
Clemans Brandon Custiodial Staff    
Clemans Joanne Paraprofessional   6220
Clower Katherine Instructor Room 9 5009
Contos Marla Paraprofessional    
Dudley Sarah Instructor Room 5 5005
Vondrasek  Taryn Instructor Room B3 5103
Evans Lana Paraprofessional    
Flannery Nicholas Instructor Room 22 5022
Foster Alissa Social Worker Room 35 5035
Goldenberg Colleen Instructor / Transition Coordinator Room 15 5015
Gurrister Maggie Instructor Room 16 5016
Hart Ryan Instructor Room 28 5028
Hedlund Lucy Hallway Supervisor    
    Instructor Room 7 5007
Hollander Sarah Instructor Room 26 5026
Holstead Karyn Assistant Principal Room 2 4087
Jungles-Moranda Michelle Paraprofessional    
Kledzik Barbara Instructor Room 14 5014
Klepp Adriana Paraprofessional    
Koehler Donna Paraprofessional    
Kozak Christie Instructor Room 3 5003
    Custodial Staff   5108
Lunn Deana Instructor Room 2B 5102
Lyke Marcus Principal Main Office 4474
Maruna Kelli Nurse Health Office 5112
Mikl Patricia Paraprofessional    
Miller Mary Ellen Director of TAP Programs Room 7B 5107
Montinola Daniella Paraprofessional    
Montinola John Paraprofessional    
Neal Sheri Dean / Social Worker  Room 37 6243
Newberry Tracey Instructor Room 1B 5101
Oganeku Kristina Instructor Room 18 5018
Olin Christine Paraprofessional    
Olsen Amanda Instructor Room 11 5011
Olson Justin Social Worker Room 8 5008
Opiela Lawerence Paraprofessional    
Roy Richard P.E. Instructor PE Office 5113
    Speech Patholoigst Room 36 5036
Schlanser Megan Social Worker Room 4 5004
Scranton Jaime Social Worker Room 5B 5105
Silva Patricia Paraprofessional    
Smetana Elizabeth Instructor Room 4B 5104
Sutton Diana Special Education Secretary Main Office 3999
Teeters Andrea Instructor Room 20 5020
Ursem Catherine Principal Secretary Main Office  6372
Velazquez Belen Office Clerk Front Desk 6837
Wehner Judith Paraprofessional    
Worland Denise Paraprofessional    
Zarzycki Jon Dean Room 36 3974
Front Desk       6837
Lunchroom       5030
Weight Room       5038
Workroom       5006



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