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District 202 implemented the Common Core State Standards for mathematic in fall 2013 and the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts in fall 2014.

District 202 has used a multi-year process to create its own curriculum, aligned to local, state and national learning standards. Each core area curriculum undergoes a thorough cycle of review, testing and adjustment led by teachers, and incorporating community input.

At the same time, district administration, teachers and staff are rworking to increase academic achievement through a long list of systemic improvements including:



  • Implemented Full Day Kindergarten with one class for each school.
  • Aligned our science curriculum to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).
  • Adopted and implemented the Math Envision 2.0 resource.
  • Completed final validation of ELA and Math curriculum.
  • Adjusted EL programming to best support students language needs.
  • Implemented SuccessMaker Math Intervention in Title 1 schools.


Middle School

  • Fully implemented a new Middle School schedule with all core subject areas offered daily
  • Implemented high school Spanish I at the middle school level for 7th grade (2016-17) and 7th and 8th (2017-18)
  • Developed Literacy and Math Intervention classes to support struggling students
  • Fully implemented CCSS Math curriculum with Ready Math, the student and teacher online and consumable resource
  • Enhanced the Encore Program with additional offerings including STEM based classes, Computers, World Language, Interventions, Study Skills and Literacy classes
  • Fully implemented the Next Generation Science Standards in the 6-8 Science classrooms including inquiry based curriculum and assessments
  • Aggressively promoted National Board Certification program for master teachers and provided support for participating teachers through a grant-based program.

High School:

  • Implemented program to allow students to receive college credit for dual credit courses in:
    • English 101 Rhetoric
    • English 102 Rhetoric
    • General Psychology 101
    • Personal Finance  100

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