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4th Period PA Middle School

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4th Period PA Middle School

P.E. Expectations

  • P.E. Class Syllabus – Procedures (Entering Gym, on-time with card, 5 min walk/stretch)
  • Goal – Consistency (Cell phones, if we see it you must turn it in)
  • Proximity – Spacing in the Gym/Sharing the Gym
  • Participation/On Task (Sitting out of activity)
  • Student’s Progress Card
  • Passes – (Nurse/Bathroom = 1 in – 1 out, 5 min)
  • On time to class, no food, only drinks with caps or lids will be allowed, using appropriate language, staying in the gym – out of areas, no sitting on the bleachers, no opening the back alley doors, at the end of class – students need to stay in the gym behind the doors.  Gym shoes on feet at all times – Flip Flops/Heels=Delta
  • Participation is Key!  All students must participate unless they have a Dr. Note, permission from the Nurse, or if they have talked to the P.E. teachers and received a written assignment for the day.
  • Students can be given prompts to begin the task and wait time, if they continue to not the student would earn the delta.
  • Staff will help supervise each fitness line.  If the student is not participating in the cardio warm-up after prompts, etc., then the student would earn the delta after the warm-up is complete, or pull them to the side during the warm-up.
  • Activity – Students need to be on task.  Students may be given quick breaks if needed, no more than a couple of minutes.
  • Equipment – Students must respect the equipment and follow directions, if equipment is damaged student may be liable for costs.
  • Kicking Balls at ceiling or Throwing them across the gym in an inappropriate manner = automatic delta or possible automatic room 8. = safety concern.
  • Work Incomplete Delta – The student will need to stay and complete a P.E. assignment

Fall Semester PE Units

Every Unit = 2-3 weeks, Tues/Thurs Fitness Days

  • Soccer
  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Eclipse
  • Ultimate
  • Fitness Testing (Pacer, Mile, Agility Tests, & 1 min testing)
    • Every 4 weeks major fitness testing