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6th and 7th Health Class

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6th and 7th Health Class

Plainfield Academy Course Outline

Health 2018-19

Richard Roy ( 1-815-439-5521 ext. 6434



Required Texts: GLENCOE HEALTH


Course Description/Objectives:

The purpose of this course is to provide students with the skills necessary to create a healthy lifestyle.

 Analyze how health-related choices made today can affect a person’s growth and development in the future.

 Analyze personal health strategies that can be followed to maintain and/or improve health.

 Recognize the multitude of influences that contribute to a healthy understanding of diversity.


Illinois Learning Standards: Illinois State Standards numbered 19 through 22 are covered in this course.

Units of Study:


 Emotional and Mental  Health, Stress Relaxation and Anxiety Disorders

  • Values, emotions, feelings, stress management, & suicide prevention

 Nutrition and Body Systems

  • All systems, weight management, food choices

 Disease Prevention

  • Infectious and Lifestyle Diseases

 Drug & Alcohol Abuse Prevention

  • OTC, Illicit, & Prescription Drugs, Abuse/Addiction, Alcohol & Smoking

 Healthy Relationships

  • Personality, Sexual Pressures, Love and Family

 Environmental Health

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


Required Materials:

Pen or Pencil, Notebook and Binder will be provided for you and left in the classroom. 




  • Procedure: A student should come to class prepared to participate and achieve success to the best of his/her ability. Students need to participate, turn in assigned work, and complete tests given.


 Participation 33%                              Assessment 24%                     Progress Card 33%     Final 10%

Classroom discussion                             Unit tests                                 Positives

Engaged in classroom activities              Quizzes                                   Deltas

Daily Assignments                                Projects                                   On-Time


  • Nine Week Grading Periods
  • Cumulative Grades for the Semester
  • Allowed 10 days for missed work



Course Expectations:

· RESPECT                                          · Conduct yourself as a young adult

· COMMUNICATION                          · Responsibility (missed assignments, actions, etc.)

· Participation                                      · Come to class ready to learn.