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FND Geometry

FND Geometry

For students who missed a day of class, please feel free to watch these videos to help get caught up.  I am also free to help you before school, during lunch, and after school.

Lesson 1-1 Basic Geometric Figures:

Lesson 1-2 More Geometric Figures:

Lesson 2-1 Inductive Reasoning:

Lesson 2-2 Deductive Reasoning:

Lesson 3-1 Geometric Definition and Proof:

Lesson 3-2 Conditional Statements:

Lesson 3-3 Converse, Inverse, and Contrapositive:

Lesson 4-1 Segments and Midpoints:

Lesson 4-2 Angles and Angle Bisectors:

Lesson 5-1 Distance on the Coordinate Plane:

Lesson 5-2 Midpoint on the Coordinate Plane:

Lesson 6-1 Justifying Statements

Lesson 6-2 Geometric Figures

Lesson 7-1 Parallel Lines and Angle Relationships

Lesson 7-2 Proving Lines are Parallel

Lesson 7-3 Perpendicular Lines

Lesson 8-1 Slopes of Parallel and Perpendicular

Lesson 8-2 Writing Equations

Unit 2 - Getting Ready Solutions

Lesson 9-1 Transformations

Lesson 9-2 Translations

Lesson 9-3 Reflection

Lesosn 9-4 Rotations

Lesson 10-1 Compositions of Transformations

Lesson 10-2 Congruence

Lesson 11-1 Congruent Triangles

Lesson 11-2 Congruence Criteria

Lesson 11-3 Proving Congruence Criteria

Lesson 11-4 Extending the Congruence Criteria

Lesson 13-1 Angle Relationships in Triangles

Lesson 13-2 Isoscles Triangles