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General Math

General Math

Updated 3/17/20:  A Google Classroom has been created for this class.  All students should have received an invitation to join this classroom via their PSD202 e-mail account.  If needed, the class code is vzvu6yr.  During this period of remote learning, lessons/assignments will be posted on Google Classroom.  As a student, it is your responsibility to check-in daily with Google Classroom and to participate with these lessons.  In order to receive credit during this remote learning period, you must demonstrate that you attempted to participate with these lessons.  Students who do not demonstrate any participation during this remote learning period will receive an "incomplete" for the semester and will be required to either complete the work within a given time frame or to re-take the course.

Prior to Remote Learning:  To access the online textbook, online lesson tutorials, online assessments, and VMathLive, please follow the TransMath link under the "websites" section located at the bottom left of this page. 

Username:  student ID #

Password:  teeters

If you have trouble accessing the online text, or you did not bring home your workbook, then you may find a PDF version of it attached under the "documents" section located at the bottom left of this page. 

For those without workbooks or the ability to print online material, please write your answers on notebook or computer paper.  Make sure to put your name and a header at the top of the page (including the Unit #, Lesson # and page numbers completed).  

When completing a daily lesson, you are to complete all interactive text pages as well as the corresponding homework text page (just like a normal day in school!).  In total, you should be completing approximately 4 to 6 total pages per day.  (For example, if you are on Unit 7, Lesson 1, then you should complete: interactive text pages 282-285 and homework text page 478.)  If you need help with the lesson, then you should log on to the TransMath website to access the online textbook and online tutorials.  If you still have questions or concerns, then please e-mail me!  

To submit work:  Please take a photo of your completed work and submit it by e-mail to Ms. Teeters.  Make sure you include your name and that you SHOW ALL OF YOUR WORK!!

Ms. Teeters' e-mail address: