English 3 (Juniors)

English 3 (Juniors)

Welcome to English 3!
I am excited to be your English teacher for English 3. Please note that I will try and update this website with all important information that pertains to English. If you still need help or cannot find what you are looking for, you can email me your questions/requests for documents. 


NOTE: When you are absent, it is your responsibility to get what you missed. The calendar in the documents is an outline of what we are doing each day and due dates for important assessments. Make sure you stay on top of this! If you have any questions, email me: KOganeku@psd202.org 


Outcome A:
We will define various rhetorical terms/strategies and analyze their use when conveying an overall argument. We will study historical and modern texts to further evaluate the application of such rhetoric and its effectiveness in eliciting social change. Then, we will compose a research-based argument essay while using rhetorical strategies and techniques.


U.S. Seminal Documents: Lincoln's 2nd Inaugural Address, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, Preamble.    ** All will be provided for you **

Compositon Notebook (have notebook by Monday, August 20th)